Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I would write on a post-it to describe my current state of being:

Need healthy, well cooked meals.

Am ready for friends to be here.

Should go to the movies.

Should get another job-running out of money.

Am I passionate about enough things?

I need to do more.

Want to dance?

Need to read - in front of a fire.

I like coffee. Alot.

I do not like the cold.

I think I need earmuffs.

Snow is beautiful and peaceful but when it freezes over it is angry and hurtful.

A lot of stretching, discussing, pushing issues, and disagreeing or agreeing is exhausting.

I need a nap.

I love blank paper.

I love crossword puzzles.

Grocery shopping makes me happy.

Garlic makes life more fragrant.

Music makes or breaks car time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Airport again! Waiting for Connecticut flights I always look for people I know – some sense of pride that we are all going to the same small state and the likelihood of seeing someone familiar is pretty decent. Business people, students, and young professionals – sitting & waiting for a flight that’s delayed 30 minutes. Funny we all sort of treat delays differently. I saw it as the opportunity to buy a decongestant in hopes of not being in pain and as time to get food rather than fill myself on biscoff cookies and peanuts. Others are complaining and the rest just sitting – looking somewhat irritated. This airport is not nearly as exciting as JFK, smaller with only 2 terminals and in a strange location – the Ohio and Kentucky line. People are not in a rush but leisurely strolling with bags and jackets, standing around, on the phone, and eating food. We’re south – sort of – so I got Chick-Filet, a favorite of mine. There’s snow outside, have to admit it dampened my confidence upon landing but I was more concerned with my ears and the fact that I thought my eardrum might explode on the plane.
Sat next to a young guy from the Bay Area who is a ‘photographer’ and filmmaker and editor – headed to a secluded cabin in Toronto to edit a film. He photographs bikers and he still uses 35mm film! Nice guy, made me realize how easy it is to engage in conversation with perfect strangers when there is only a small seat between you and a 3 ½ hour flight ahead.

Well interrupted from writing and from my trip back – maintenance issues on our plane made us all get off and walk several gates to wait to board a new one. Yikes. Increasingly aware that traveling takes us all out of our comfort zone, I sit with my fiddle, my backpack, my knitting (YES! Knitting!) and now my laptop. Most people are watching the news – official announcements of the vote count for Obama (didn’t realize that was still a question) among arguments from Palin that she tried to get out of the Couric interview and suggestions from Marvel that Obama star in a Spider Man comic book. Everyone is on a phone or looking tired, suddenly the airport is quiet and closed – in the short period of time it took for us to get on and off a plane all the stores and restaurants shut down. Strangers engage in conversation and people take advantage of the ability to stand or walk. Not sure how I would have felt about flying on that plane even if they had fixed the flap stuck up…a new one is better (I suppose) but the hour and 29 minute flight seems too long when all I want is to be done with airports, boarding zones and popping ears.


Thursday, January 08, 2009


Is it bad that the only part of leaving tomorrow that I am excited about is that I get to people watch on the plane and in the airport?

It's impossible to put words around the feeling of leaving home for a long period of time - Thanksgiving was easy, I knew I was coming right back but now with spring and summer up in the air and the possibility of my family moving, there is an unknown distance between now and when I next am home - or at least with my family. It is a strange tearing feeling, a suddenly very alone and very forced to rely on my own independence, surrounded by people who may think they understand who I am but can never truly know me in the way my immediate family does - who else saw me lose all my teeth, have chicken pox, get on the bus the first time, cry when my cat ran away, carry kittens around like dolls, take forever to ride a two-wheeler, wear braces (yes even head gear), have to get picked up from sleepovers in the middle of the night....the list goes on but these are the things that shape me and if one doesn't see where I've been, how can they see who I am? I love who I am when I'm home and it's hard to let go in the same way anywhere else. But here goes - yet another semester away and just a little further in the painful process of 'cutting the cord.' Ouch. It kind of sucks.

Thus - I can just look forward to people watching in the airport.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Cereal Girl

Feeling like I need to write but not really positive I have something worth writing about so I'm going to try something new again...

I used a website for educators who want to write with their classes: and then used the random personal list generator to get me going

And chose: "List all the BREAKFAST CEREALS you remember eating in your lifetime. Choose several from your completed list and write a piece about HOW BREAKFAST CEREALS CAN DETERMINE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU BECOME."

- Honeycomb @ Gaga's house
- Kix
- Trix (getting a box for Easter)
- Lucky Charms in a minibox while camping
- Hating Frosted Miniwheats because they get soggy
- hating raisin bran unless sugar and raisins are added after the fact
- hating 'bunny food' (kashi) until recently
- Sugar Smacks - not called that anymore
- Corn pops
- Grits (mm)
- Cream of Wheat - haven't had it in awhile
- Captain Crunch - makes my mouth feel weird
- Fruit Loops - turn the milk brown
- Rice Krispies - mm but better in bar form
Cheerios - remember when the multigrain and frosted kind came out? Honey nut is still my favorite
- Chex - yum! Corn are my favorite
- Krispix - like Chex only better shapes
- Special K - meh it's weird and it sometimes gets stuck on your tongue and hurts.

How breakfast cereals determine the type of person you become?
That's a stretch but I do think eating breakfast in general can affect the type of person you are, not that you are stuck a certain way if you never ate breakfast but that by starting your day with breakfast you may behave in a particular manner or be a different person than when you don't. I think taking time to start your day - even if for 10 minutes to sit and eat, think, gather your wits before trudging through the day, you have a more balanced and organized mental start. You've had time to think through what will be going on and what needs to happen, and you've given your body a chance to wake up its systems and get going. Aside from the scientific research surrounding breakfast, I think the time it takes to pour a bowl of cereal says something about caring about starting off with the right mindset, body care, and tempo. The type of cereal is a different story - I love to snack on Lucky Charms in the afternoon - meaning? I probably am a 7 year old at heart. I sometimes crave Cheerios when I'm sick or late at night - meaning? I was probably fed them as a baby and given them after being sick to my stomach, like everyone else. I love the noise rice krispies make - meaning? If food sounds good it tastes better. I hate eating sugar cereal for breakfast - I'm always hungry too soon and it feels weird in my mouth - meaning? I grew up. I love transferring in the Atlanta airport because I can get grits for breakfast - meaning? I should live in the South. Ok maybe not so much but this is where I think we can't say anything about breakfast cereal and its correlation to personality, I think just whether you eat breakfast or not. I suppose the difference between granola bars and cereal or eggs and cereal might say more about the type of person - or at least how they operate on a schedule and use their time than whether they pour Corn Pops or Captain Krunch Oops All Berries in their bowls.

What was for breakfast this morning? An EggMcMuffin - proving I am in fact an American who falls for the Golden Arches everytime and that getting up and going out early with mom is made even better by a cup of Peets coffee and a paper wrapped sandwich : ).

Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds." - Elie Wiesel

food for thought.