Friday, October 09, 2009

expectations of change

Haven't seen much since 1/20/09 - the day a lot of people counted down to...myself included. And now the man has received the Nobel Peace Prize. I suppose it has lost its value somewhat seeing as they nominated him only 10 days after he was elected. Simply because he is the first African American President? Or because he got more people to vote? He could continue to not get anything done and be satisfied because he has now received Man of the Year and the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing but existing and running for office. I respect him - I voted for him - but the Nobel Peace Prize should be reserved for fantastic work.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I have to believe change happens and is possible. I have to believe 1 person making small changes everyday affects at least 1 person who then affects at least 1 person...and that ripples make waves. I have to believe culture changes - that we can learn from mistakes, tragedies, and successes. I have to believe that 300 people standing up for a cause or change can in turn affect 300 more and suddenly we looking at over a thousand people impacted by what started as a small organization of leaders. I have to believe in the change that occurs in 21 individuals who learn with me for a year. I have to believe I can make a difference.


Because if change isn't possible and I can't affect change - why wake up? Why get out of bed other than to benefit myself (and honestly I would rather be in bed!) and to eat and drink coffee? Why hold doors, say bless you, let someone merge in front of you, hold a child's hand, offer support in class, walk someone home, intervene in a conversation? Why NOT? I have to believe in change because every morning I wake up and go to a classroom full of 21 first graders who do not know the world around them and if change isn't possible then it would be my job to prepare them for a cruel, dangerous, violent, and suffering world. But that's not my job and who can look in the huge brown eyes of a little girl and tell her that she couldn't be president because she's a black female? Or judge the peanut of a boy by decided he will be one of those who assaults 1 in 4 women when he grows up? You cannot spend everyday with children and ignore the possibility of change. We need change - for them - with them - through them - and I'm in exactly the place where change has to start.

I can 'be different' on campus - I can say different things - do different things - get involved - look different because I like change but that won't keep first graders from growing up and perpetuating whatever system they experience at home and in school. The change starts small - with small people...small, bright, optimistic, untainted people who believe in change.

So yes, I believe in change and I make change and it matters.