Friday, April 08, 2011

Traveling Forces me to Write

On train for several hours and grateful for the time to myself away from the kids. It has been a LONG week and one more to go until break.

The little light bulbs started flashing this week - reading, noticing, talking - exciting things. But the concern continues I doing enough? Am I doing it right?

Behavior continues to be an issue and I consider how much of it is the way I hold expectations for them...they are well behaved learners when I am around but then instantly become demonic imps when I'm gone, even if it is for 2 seconds. What did I do wrong there?

This coming week we will adventure into a new domain of writing thanks to my super literacy coach and mentor.

I loved introducing my kids to my mom last week - they loved her though again, they were not particularly attentive. At times when I catch myself laughing or being silly with them, I notice a change in their attitude and I realize I should do it more.

This week we also will do our science fair project on bubbles ... exciting but I anticipate a mess!
We will be trying to "make the biggest bubbles" using different wands.

Always good quotes .... but I am getting worse at writing them down.

Also received a gift this week .... in response to daffodils that I received last week - another little girl felt jealous and asked her mom to take her shopping, she bought me a glass figurine of a girl with flowers as well as an easter mug with candy in it. Though it is adorable and I am grateful, I know it came out of jealousy and I'm not sure how to handle it. She also was nasty to the first gift-giver who gave me beautiful daffodils that have since died. Makes it hard to be grateful!

Working on Mercy in the each child regardless of patterns of behavior, a fresh start at all times.

This week they have managed to have the whole class playing in the kitchen - making a "restaurant" out of my small group table, adorable though noisy!
We now sing Oh What a Beautiful Morning each day and I love their little voices singing along, it's very sweet and says more about our day then our former 2 good morning songs.

A little distracted, think I'll take a break.