Monday, August 16, 2010


Settling into a new space is exciting - expensive - exhausting - and here I am at 12:30 am - I have to be up by 6:45am and all I hear are noises. What was that? How did something fall if no one is there to make it move? What's creaking? Who's outside? Did I lock the doors (for the 100th time). Things I've never worried about or thought about and suddenly it's my home...and it's up to me to make it cozy, safe, sleepable, visitable, and familiar.

I'll just lay here until the house is familiar with me then...go ahead, make noise, I'll learn to love them and I learn to call this place my first home away from home.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

those questions everyone asks

So I fly out tonight to start my job on Monday and every time I see someone who knows me or my family, I get these questions...

1. when do you start: Monday
2. Why so early: It's a Tier 3 Turnaround School with a Brand new faculty - lots to change before school starts
3. When do the kids start: September 1
4. What grade: Kindergarten
5. How cute! : yes I am excited.
6. How old: mostly 4 years old New haven is the least strict district about the cut off age.
7. Are you ready? : Well I think so ... but I have some shopping to do.
8. How Many? : Probably 25 or so
9. Full day or half day? : Full - extended day - school day is about and 1.5 hours longer than a normal school.
10. What does turn around mean?: It means they were failing, they fired their faculty and only hired back 4 teacher - the rest of us are new hires and are all in agreement about what good urban ed looks like.
11. Are you so excited? : Yes but I have also been having nightmares every night about the first day of school.
12. Where are you living? : About 5 mins from my school in an apartment I haven't seen yet - I move in on Friday.

I LOVE to talk about my job ... but those are the top 12 questions : ).

Also - Sunday I will pick up a play kitchen for my classroom and Tuesday some potato heads and a dollhouse - very exciting!