Tuesday, December 22, 2009


5 years now of leaving what I'm making my 'home' for where my family is - which will always be home because it's where they are.

this is a hard thing to figure out. I love being here - it's cozy, they're here...but I'm not "back home" I'm visiting...right?

What part of me is still here? Some of my belongings - though not a lot, mostly ornaments, books, and my empty dresser - my heart - for sure - but am I supposed to come back and melt back in or be different? It's a hard line to figure out. I'm grateful I am independent and confident enough to be ok with calling my apartment home...many go right back to being a 'kid' again when they live with their parents, not sure that's the way to go. Still hard to figure though...

Home for the Holidays.