Thursday, February 28, 2008

Open Mouth - Insert Foot....

Some progress I've made here - haven't written yet. Well here goes....

What do you say out loud? What are those times when you open your mouth and what feels like 'word vomit' comes flying out? Why does that happen and what is the effect on the people around you or on what happens? Better yet what you NOT say out loud? Why do you manage to keep your mouth shut then and how does it affect the world around you?
Think for a minute - seriously.

If anyone is reading this, besides myself, do you appreciate language and words for how dangerous they really are?

I'm in the process of developing a paper for a class I's due Monday and I'm actually nervous and excited at the same time, something I have never felt for an assignment in a class. I am delving into the idea that with our words we "play God" and are able to create something by solidifying it into existence. If we can find words to express something in our heads then it is real - at least to ourselves; right? You feel something about what that politician said or perhaps that speaker and respond with an opinion and therefore, once you share it, that opinion exists. You notice the way the snow sits on tree branches and seems to muffle all sound; once you say to the person you happen to be walking with, "hey check out that snow!" It exists - previously it was there but it was just in the background, unimportant, unnoticed.
Relationally a problem or discussion doesn't become until it is said aloud - until you approach someone and point out a flaw, issue, or situation. You *speak* something into existence, similar in fact to the way in which God spoke all of creation into existence.
I am by no means trying to liken what humans are capable of with what God has done - that would be outrageously blasphemous and too often what we speak into being causes problems and are mistakes - God on the other hand created life, perfect beauty, and mistakes there.

I am fascinated by language, I love to listen to conversations of strangers in the airport, train station, bathroom, and even walking to class. Wow we are an outspoken bunch of people! Really? Do you want the 30 people in the train car with you to know what you did last night? Do you want the person in the next stall to know that you really can't stand certain kinds of people? Does anyone need to know that you got so drunk you puked all over your friends car? What we say out loud creates judgments, scenarios, and later on real situations. Whether we are reiterating an idea to make it true and nearly convince ourselves of its correctness (i.e. I know he's sorry; we really are just going to be friends; that professor must suck at grading, I deserve better) or trying to convince someone else, we are making something real.

Pay attention to the next 3 conversations you have...what do you SAY - what do you NOT say - and what happens? Maybe you won't see that calling the other person a lier or stubborn actually makes them behave a certain way later on, maybe you won't see that person decide to agree with your opinion, you probably won't hear that person talk about what he or she talked about with you - to someone else - but it likely will happen. You may hear that person convincing himself of something that may or not even be true, maybe they will state something they've never said to anyone else - now it has actually happened.

Food for thought .... more to come.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

And So it Goes...

Haven't blogged since high school but my finger itch with the desire to write for fun not just for a grade. I do seriously love to write and I love to notice things around me and find the right words to describe it. When I sit down to do that I tend to appreciate what I've written but I haven't really done that since I was in Panama last I start again.