Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Days left...

I've slacked in writing but my head is busy processing .... somehow my little ones graduate on Thursday the 23rd - 20 little beautiful smiling faces will walk in caps to receive a diploma that I hope & pray will be the first of at least 3 (high school - then college....). I pray that despite days where I am "mean" or raise my voice or am unmerciful, that they will go on to enjoy school, to be learners, to be friends, to be effective and productive citizens.
I see glimpses of their little personalities blossoming and sappy as that sounds - they are maturing rapidly. They take care of each other - sometimes it is hard for them, especially at this point in the year when they are sick of each other and tired.

I am amazed at how the time flew by - regretful of a few things, proud of others, reflective in general. My coworker read me some letter that his students wrote to him - mind you he teaches 7th and 8th grade, but the personal reflection of his students made it clear what a profound impact he has had on them and their futures - and what a difference a good teacher can a place where families and students were disheartened and neglected, we now have joy, life, excitement, learning, and is incredible.
Turn Around Year 1 is nearly complete - in August I will be on a panel answering questions to 1st year teachers - amazing. A year of uncertainty, of risks, of tears, of hysterical laughter, guesses, mistakes, successes, hard work, and long hours is almost done ... would I change the fact that I'm a teacher? ABSOLUTELY NOT I have the best job in the entire world - helping to shape the futures of children one hour - sometimes 1 minute at a time.