Friday, February 25, 2011

"I'm having the worst day EVER."

I started my day near tears when TP - my little "man" who is often grumpy and becomes disgruntle at the drop of a hat, arrived in the room and announced that "It is a bad day - the worst day ever." I felt awful to hear that from him so early, before anything could have gone wrong so I quickly pulled him aside to check in.
He informed me that this morning, he climbed on the bus to wave to his mom and she didn't turn and wave to him. He was crushed - to a point of tears and frustration that she somehow missed saying goodbye to him. I don't know why or how but it hit me like a ton a bricks, I remember looking back until the last possible second - numerous times to make sure mom was still watching me wave ... and she always always was - and still is every time I go to the airport. But it crushed me to think that this little boy turned to wave and mom wasn't there. I hugged him and told him it was raining so mom must not have been able to see the windows of the bus and that I was sure she loved him and couldn't wait to see him when he returned it would turn out, while my para was reading "Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day" with him (which I pulled just for his benefit) - he informed her that his dad didn't want him to go to mom's anymore and that he would be at dad's for the weekend. He expressed concern about not being able to go back to mom's. He even cried. While he tends to make poor decisions, he is a sweet and very handsome kid and today he broke my heart.

On a different note....Around 3pm today I got a burst of energy and excitement and experienced first hand that "fake it till you make it" is actually effective...very much so. We had a GREAT writing time!

Monday is the 100th day of school - we are more than 1/2 way through kindergarten and now I start to worry...will they leave with what they need? Did I show them I love them enough? I can't believe it but at the same time it feels like an eternity. I love it ... and I'm exhausted by it - all at the same time. I haven't written in forever and I need to. The quotes just get better and better as their language skills increase.

Last week I went to a wedding and TP (the same from today) said, "Where ya goin Miss Stowe?"
"To a wedding!" "You're getting married?"
"Well, I am but not today - my friend is!"
"I KNEW you was getting married!"

Not sure if I already shared this quote from 2 weeks ago or not but MB was eating breakfast and proceeded to announce "Hey look Miss Stowe, when I close my eyes I can see people's bones."
"Oh really?" I replied - half listening, half concerned .... half interested... "Yeah, see. Right now I can see Miguel's bones." Here I had to laugh outloud. "Cool" No sooner did she say that but 3 or 4 others caught on and were admiring their abilities to see each other's strange.

wiped out - will reflect on monday.

I am in the world to change the world.