Thursday, January 12, 2012

SoyButter Sandwiches

"Our target today is: I can (pause for repeat) tell how to make a soybutter sandwich (pause for repeat)"
"SOYBUTTER YUM!" Is all I heard screamed by a delightful rotund little girl in beads - sitting with her chubby legs out straight in front of her as she leaned against the radiator as if she was in my living room, not on our classroom carpet.
That same little girl was sitting against my leg at a puppet show this morning - arms wrapped around my ankle - and about 15 minutes in she looks up at me giggles and says "This is a puppet show!" Oh yes my friend - welcome to school glad you joined us.... REALLY?!
The things that fly out of her mouth are insanely hilarious. At times we find her in another part of the classroom - hands raised Fiddler on the Roof style, waltzing back and forth and spinning in a circle....and it's as if she's not aware that she should be at her seat or packing up or whatever the rest of the class seems to do just fine without spazzing out!

But the soy butter sandwiches were fun yesterday - they spread it themselves - made a sticky sticky mess of my table ... and ate them - while complaining that they didn't like peanut butter. Oh ok. Good thing it's soy butter.

And now we are writing about it - every day - Yesterday it was the shopping list of what you need - today it was first spread the soy butter on the bread.... tomorrow it will be then spread the jelly.... And Last stick the bread together and eat it! It's cute and though the sentences are scripted together as a class, I'm using it as a teaching point for finger spaces, using only lowercase letters, and keeping words together - because they need that practice without having to worry about their ideas. And it's pretty critical for kids to know how to make peanut butter and jelly ... right?

Tomorrow at recess time I will let only children with a certain attribute have recess - the rest I will leave sitting on the rug. Until they start to get upset.  .... I will have the others clean up recess and pretend as though it's over. We will discuss how they are feeling and read a book about Martin Luther King.  : )
Then I will serve snack only to the friends who didn't get recess and tell the others they don't get snack. Just long enough for them to get upset. Then I'll give everyone snack and a little more recess.
I will repeat the exercise on Tuesday and have them write about it.

I am exhausted and in the hour that this window has been open I have lost my train of thought.....

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